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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Online Finance and Business Website Reviews – An Overview

Website reviews are sometimes written in magazines and other publications, but most reviews today are written in review websites.

Website reviews are sometimes written in magazines and other publications, but most reviews today are written in review websites. If you have a business or you run a financial institution, a website will go a long way in promoting your endeavours since it exposes you to a global audience, it provides for cheap interaction with your customers/clients which is important in product development, it is advertising medium by itself and customers/clients are able to make purchase, leading to greater ROI or return on investment, among other benefits. Positive reviews will go a long way in making your business of financial website successful. It is therefore important that you know everything there is to know about online finance and business website reviews. One way of doing this is getting answers to online finance and business website review FAQ's.

What are the advantages of online business and financial website reviews? Positive online business reviews are advantageous in that recent studies in the likes of Econsultancy (July 2009) and eMarketer (March 2010) show that 70% of buyers trust the anonymous user opinion, 85% of buyers tell others people when they are having a problem with a particular company or brand, 74% of buyers are influenced by what they hear from others when making purchasing decisions, and 67% of online customers only make purchases after getting recommendations from reviews and trusted online communities. Business reviews and finance reviews are important because they lead to brand awareness. Reviews are cheap adverting methods, they are permanent and they expose you to a global market.

How do you recognize fake reviews? It is important for customers and clients to tell positive reviews from real ones. All reviews that are written by the business or financial institution or by its affiliate is fake since it will not give you a balanced view. All reviews that are overly positive or overly negative are fake since no product is 100% good or 100% bad. You should also avoid reviews that are basically 'plot summaries'.

How do you avoid negative/bad online website reviews? You could avoid negative reviews by providing a quality product or service. Ensure that your website creates a good first impression, that it loads fast, that it provides relevant information, and that it has a site map and internal links. If you already have negative reviews, remove the negative links or write quality content and use other SEO tactics that will help push the negative reviews down search engine results pages or SEPRs. Talk to the people generating negative website reviews with the aim of sorting things out and cut links with them if they are suppliers, partners, affiliates, or customers/clients.

What are the tips to good website reviews? Monitor what is happening through such tools as Google Alerts, Hootsuite, Twitter Search and Tracker as this will help you know what is happening. Keep an open communication line with your customers so that you know whenever there is a problem. Provide excellent customer service and include a complaints area in your site so that customers/clients have somewhere to vent their anger. Do reputation management the moment you notice bad reviews since redeeming your reputation once it is damaged is difficult and expensive. Develop a crisis plan even before negative reviews to prepare for different scenarios. Hire an online reputation management pro to help you fight online business and financial website reviews.

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